Mission:USA is a nonprofit nondenominational Christian missionary organization that shows inmates and gang members on the streets how much the Lord loves them and how He can help them change to live a life outside of crime.

Mission:USA walks step by step beside these individuals with a troubled past, providing a combination of counseling, education, housing, and job information, clothing, and most importantly, a relationship with God that gives them the strength to make the dramatic change in their lives.

TheBridgeChicago blog is a way to take the resources developed and lessons learned on this mission field, and share them – use them – improve them!

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. I pray that God richly blesses this ministry. I love the vision and mission of giving love to the unloved in society. If only more people could have hearts for this cause. Keep up the good work and may God grant you all his favor so you can be successful in everything you do.

  2. Thank you! Your encouragement just made our day. We are actually super blessed to have people like you step out and encourage us in such an amazing way. Thank you! It fuels the fire. Also, thank you for following us. It made our day and we’re happy to follow you back. Hopefully we can interact more in the future. I love your posts and dig your attitude and spirit.
    -Tasha, The Bridge Chicago

  3. Thank you for a such a wonderful and needed ministry. May the Lord’s grace be upon your ministry team and the precious men and women you serve. I will link your RSS feed onto my blog to help spread the word.

  4. Hey Darrell-

    Thank you for that amazing blast of encouragement. Your prayers are much appreciated. We are truly thankful for you spreading the word about our ministry and blog. I will continue to pray for your blog as it encourages new Christians and anyone growing in the Lord.

    -Tasha, The Bridge Chicago

  5. Love your ministry goals! May God bless you as you serve Him in Chicago. I have other friends who are missionaries there too, but not working with souls as battered by life as yours. I will pray for you when the Lord brings you to mind.

    • Hey. It means a lot that you came by our blog and encouraged us as you did! Thanks for having a heart for the “least of these” and we are so thankful for your prayers. I read over your blog and I love how you talk about God’s love in your “about me” and simple steps people can take if they don’t know Christ. Keep up the good work!

      -Tasha, The Bridge Chicago

      • Thank you, Sister! And thank you for giving your life for those whose hearts and lives have been so broken…going into the highways and hedges. May God give you abundant fruit for your labor of love.

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