Sometimes the difference between hopelessness and success is just a few dollars at the right time.

Curtis was desperate for a job. He’d been out of work and without an income for a while, when he heard about a temporary job that he was qualified for.

He called the agency and made an appointment, but he was stuck. He had no money to pay for the bus to the interview! The only thing Curtis knew was: pray and catch a ride to THE BRIDGE.

When he explained his problem, our team completely understood. Thanks to your BRIDGEBOX gift, a bus pass to the job interview was an obstacle we easily helped Curtis overcome.

The next week Curtis came back to THE BRIDGE with a wide smile. He’d been working all week and now he had another, better job offer!

The Lord had truly turned his situation around, and thanks to your generosity, we were able to meet his need at just the right time to make a huge difference in his life. We’re grateful to have you as partners in this work. Wherever you live on the globe, your compassion is making a difference in inner-city Chicago! (Sign up at


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