Don’t React. Act

Anonymous asked:

There are people going around my school teaching about God the mother. They teach that God has a wife (which isn’t the church) and that we should worship her. They are always around my school talking to people trying to convert them. Should I try to stop them whenever I see it, or let it be?

I answered:

Proverbs 29:9 says “If a wise person goes to court with a fool, the fool rages and scoffs, and there is no peace.” A popular modern version of that sentiment is “only a fool has a fool’s argument.” If you go around arguing with someone is making outlandish claims, it puts the beliefs you are talking about on the same level as what they are talking about.

Besides, the folks in your particular case don’t seem to have a particularly effective strategy worked out. Just going around summarizing your beliefs is the least effective evangelism strategy on the planet (talking to you, pamphlet hander-outers). 

If you want to let people know that Jesus is different than what these people are going on about, then show them that you are different. Don’t go around trying to make impressive arguments that blow people’s minds. Care for people that nobody else cars for. Listen to people. Help people. That will lead to people wanting to know what the whole Christianity thing really is. 

Trying to convince someone to your point of view on anything has an implication of “so you can be like me.” So, if being like them is going around inflicting your views on everyone, who wants to be like that? If being like you means having peace and loving people in a sacrificial, supernatural way, that will interest people. 

Men and women of God act, they don’t react. If you have a heart that people in your school not fall prey to some false doctrine, that is awesome. The way you do that isn’t by refuting someone else’s claims. It is by living out your own walk with Jesus by loving and serving both Him and people.

-Matt from The Bridge

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