We, as a society, place a dangerous amount of pressure on young people to hurry up and pick what they want to be. And then, we tell them to experience as little of life as possible, with their head stuck in a book, as a way of making this decision.

We say, pick your calling, your profession, and your spouse, and figure all that out with as little fooling about as possible. We’re told to be stable and steady. There may be serious consequences to making changes!

While I discovered that it’s extremely important to be reliable and trustworthy, and to follow through on your commitments, it’s not important to pick one thing and stick with it. You’re better off dating a few different kinds of people, volunteering for different kinds of ministries, and even dressing in some different ways, to get a sense of who you are, and who you want to become.

From the September Bridge Box devotional, written by Unka Glen Fitzjerrell and Jed Brewer.

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