Unka Glen Reblog: The Wisdom of Inner City Pastors and the Importance of the Thank You Dance

This is the first in a new series entitled: Why I think inner-city pastors should be a greater influence on the church. Some of the finest men I know are pastors who are called to work with poor people in the inner city, and I’d like to share with you the reasons why I think they should be the leading influence on the church today.

In this scene, a disabled war veteran walks into one of our meetings, and he has fallen on very hard times. He was being denied help from the government that he was entitled to, and he was very near rock bottom. So this veteran went to see his pastor, who is currently standing next to me.

Vet: [points to his pastor] This man gave me some very good advice. 

Me: Really? What did he say?

Vet: Well, I told him I was being denied access to the healthcare I needed, and that I was running out of money, and that I couldn’t get a job because I couldn’t get the treatment that would allow me to work, and I couldn’t afford to pay for the treatment without a job. 

Me: That sounds like a pretty tough situation.

Vet: Yep. So pastor told me to go outside, look up in the sky and say, “God, have you forgotten about me?”. So I did, I went outside and said, “Don’t forget about me Jesus”, and I went down to that government office, and they said it was no problem, and sign right here, and everything was taken take of!

Pastor: Did you do the Thank You Dance?

Vet: Yes I did! [he then demonstrates the Thank You Dance]

Pastor: Good. Ya gotta remember to do the Thank You Dance.

…You may not know why this is amazing advice, but try it, you’ll see that it is. Make up your own moves, but go ahead and do the Thank You Dance. I promise you, it will transform your walk. 



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