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jibber-jabber-balderdash asked:

What are your thoughts on online dating? I want to take an active role in this aspect of life but I also don’t want to “step on God’s toes” if you know what I mean. I want to allow Him to move in my life without hindering Him but I just have not been meeting anyone in my different social spheres. There’s not a good, single, Christian man at my work, I don’t want to make my Sunday mornings all about man-hunting (and not worship), and I’m new in a big city. I’ve tried online dating before with similar lackluster results and so took a break from that. 

Would it be Godly for me to get back into online dating, more aggressively this time? Or is better for me to sit and wait until somehow God places the right guy in my life?


I answered:

I don’t see how doing something that would give you more options is “stepping on God’s toes.” Doing something that closes off your openness to God moving in a particular way (like only being open to meeting a guy in church) seems a lot more like doing that.

God put on your heart the desire to have a relationship, which is a good thing. Maybe, just maybe, He is also giving you an avenue through which to find that relationship in online dating. I don’t necessarily mean that you will meet your husband online (though that is a definite possibility), but you definitely increase your chances of meeting a cute Christian dude who wants to sit down for dinner and a nice chat which may eventually lead to some steamy hand-holding, and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

There is an old, kinda lame, pastor joke that sums up this situation pretty well. There was a guy who desperately needed money, and he decided that the only way out of this mess was for God to help him win the lottery. So he prayed, fasted, did 4am quiet times everyday, really maxed it out. The lottery was announced, he didn’t win. So he is praying and venting his frustration to God, and a loud voice from heaven and said “Help me out Rick, buy a ticket.”

You want to meet a nice Christian guy who is interested in dating. There are websites that did the hard work of finding them for you! What is the argument against taking advantage of that. 

Christian sometimes have this way of thinking that they need to put as many obstacles as possible in front of something so they can know it is really God making it happen. Believe me, there are plenty of obstacles to having a relationship without making things harder than they have to be. 

Online dating is just another way for God to bring people into your life. Imagine if their was a church small group that was all people who were single and interested in meeting someone, it wouldn’t seem like “stepping on God’s toes” to go to that. (It would also be the most popular small group in the history of ever, come on churches.) Go for it.

-Matt from The Bridge

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