Bridge Box Sign Up Gifts!

Anonymous asked:

So you guys still have extra bridge goods? Is it possible to still get them if already subscribed to the bridge?

I answered:

Yes we do. We have some Say That t-shirts left, as well as some Emergency and Emergency Off wristbands. (And coming this month we have a brand new piece of Say That merch as a sign up gift.)

Our exclusive Say That gear is a gift to thank people for signing up for our Bridge Box monthly subscription service. Bridge Box is only $8/month and you get sermons, songs, bible studies, devotionals, videos and some extra goodies all based around a topic about your walk, from how to deal with temptation to how to get started in a new place. 

If you sign up for Bridge Box and would like to choose your sign up gift, just email us and let us know. If you are already a subscriber, message us or email us and we will work something out.

Now is the perfect time to sign up: a brand new Bridge Box comes out tomorrow!

Sign up at



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