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I am starting a media fast tomorrow (Monday August 5) and I was wondering if I could ask for some media sources that are purely Christian and God centered. I already listen to some podcasts but I need more than just that. I would like some sites, books, movies, and blogs. If you could help me with this it would be awesome. This fast is going to last at least a month and may continue until God says to stop. (If He does) Big thanks!
I answered:

We made a list of some Christian books/authors right here. Some readers added CS Lewis and Matt Chandler to that list.
Our own Jed Brewer has had articles featured on Relevant magazine’s website, so they have good taste. Another good resource is to search around Tumblr. Searching tags like “christian” or “bible” can lead to discovering some great blogs. I would recommend some of our awesome followers by name, but that list would be hundreds long.
-Matt from The Bridge
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