Unka Glen REBLOG: Thank You!

If you ever wonder how w’re able to do our ministry, and the podcast and this blog, it’s because of amazing people just like you, or specifically, people just like Wendy.

Seeing this on my dashboard made me more happy than you can imagine. 

If this blog has ministered to you, take a second to thank God for Wendy and all our other BridgeBox supporters. 


Why did I wait so long to get BridgeBox…

Sign up now guys!
And it’s only $8 a month. That’s only like £5! Each month you’ll receive lots of great resources like, inspiring sermons, thought provoking devotionals and worship tracks in all different kinds of music styles and hilarious videos that are kinda weird lol. BridgeBox is great for Bible studies and also provides a great framework for your devotionals in your own quiet time. Especially if you don’t really know where to start when it comes to the Bible.

Best of all, you’ll be directly supporting Mission:USA, a non profit missionary organisation in Chicago sharing the Gospel to and changing the lives of inmates and gang members on the streets. They equip, motivate, counsel and encourage these people by providing them with clothing, job information, housing etc and mostly importantly, a relationship with God. Read more and sign up! They’re doing such a great job and need lots of support 🙂 

Oh and subscribe to the Say That! podcast on iTunes or Podbean. Okay, that’s it 🙂 

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