Lightning Round!

Anonymous asked:

Jesus said: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” I had a friend ask if we should preach to plants, fishes, animals and pets because they fall into the category of “all creation.” I…wasn’t quite sure what to say. On a related note, do pets have a spirit and if so, will they go to heaven? (I’m pretty sure there will be animals and plants in the new earth to come; just not sure if it’ll be ours)

I answered:

This is an interesting question. I respect both you and your friend’s desire to follow through on what the Bible instructs you to do. However, I think we have to be aware of when the writers are using a little poetic flair. The only discussion of the gospel saving is about it saving people. Also, there are certainly enough unsaved and hurting people in the world that starting a ministry to cats would not be a great use of time, an adorable use of time sure, but not a great use of time.

bluelikejazzminds asked:

Why is it that the people with the worst reputations (tax collectors, prostitutes, lepers, etc) followed Jesus the most, while the regular folk and Pharisees were skeptical, and critical?

I answered:

What a sharp incite into the Bible. In Luke 7, Jesus explains why a “sinful woman” who had a terrible reputation loved him better than the Pharisees who had invited him to dinner. He tells a story about two debtors who were forgiven their debts, one a small amount and one a very large amount. He asks Peter who would be more thankful to the person who forgave the debts, Peter correctly answers that it would be the one who was forgiven much.

The religious people of Jesus’ time didn’t like being told they needed a savior, because that implied there was something they needed saving from that they couldn’t handle themselves. The more religious the person, it seemed the more they hated the idea.

On this blog, we talk often about how people beat themselves up emotionally about their sin way too much, and that certainly happens a lot. But we should also be careful to make sure we never feel like we have gotten so good at being Christian that we don’t need Jesus.

blkxtianwmn asked:

Please tell me there will be an upcoming BRIDGE Conference coming to a city near me. Thx.

I answered:

My friend, if you are in driving distance of Chicago and can guarantee an audience of 25-30 people and a venue (Church, classroom, house, etc) the Bridge/Say That guys will gladly come do a show. We will do a live podcast, music and sermons, ministry training, puppet show, whatever you want. (If you are not in driving distance of Chicago…never hurts to ask.) We love meeting our internet brothers and sisters in real life, and it is something we hope to get to do more of. So if you have got a church, small group, sunday school class, campus ministry group, or just a group of folks who might dig it, let us know!


-Matt from The Bridge

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