Lee Younger Reblog: What If You Could Change The World With One Sandwich?


All of us folks who love Jesus want to be part of changing the world. We want to see the Kingdom of God being built and we want to have something to do with that. We want to help spread the Good News of the message of Jesus. We want hurting people to be healed and broken-hearted people to be comforted. We want to care for the poor, the oppressed and the hopeless. We want more and more people to come to know, love and walk with Christ so they can have and experience the joy that we live in. I know you want a piece of that as much as I do, but maybe you don’t know how to do it. How can you have a real, measurable impact when you’re young, or inexperienced or basically broke?

Yesterday I went to Firehouse Subs for lunch and a friend bought our meal. Within minutes, I was enjoying this delicious club sandwich covered with melted provolone, turkey and ham and having a great conversation. As I was driving away from the restaurant after lunch, I had a thought that hits me quite often these days and it goes like this: I can change the world for less than the cost of that sandwich. 

You see, I have some friends who are missionaries in Chicago, here in the U.S. They reach out to, care for and disciple folks from the toughest neighborhoods in the country. They feed poor people. They arrange housing for the homeless. They help ex-cons and ex-prostitutes find jobs and new way of life. They preach the Gospel in prisons and on the streets, lead people to Christ and then walk along side them, discipling them as they grow in the Lord. They train these young believers to minister to others, making disciples who can reach more and more people. I personally can’t do that ministry in those neighborhoods. I don’t live in Chicago and even if I did, I don’t know the culture or have the relationships. I can’t be those guys, but I can help those guys do what they’re doing. 

Unka Glen, Jed Brewer and Matt King have developed a program called Bridgebox where you can support their ministry for $8 per month. That’s less than the cost of the sandwich I enjoyed at Firehouse. One sandwich per month will keep these missionaries on the field, changing lives. For one sandwich a month, I get to partner with men and women of God who are flat-out changing the world. (Also, when you join the Bridgebox team, they give you tons and tons of really cool stuff for your own walk with the Lord every single month)

When you’re young and you don’t have much, it’s easy to think that God can’t use you to get ministry done. It’s easy to think that the people who really support missionaries are Christian grown-ups with lots and lots of money to give. The truth is, you can partner with an amazing mission for less than the cost of a sandwich per month. You can be a real part of the work of these missionaries. You can seriously change the world. Do yourself a favor and click this link to check out Bridgebox and consider partnering up with these guys by becoming a monthly team member with Bridgebox.


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