$8/month Can Change Lives

Sometimes a big problem can be solved with a small amount of help at just the right time.

A few weeks ago Jeannie and Joe had to leave their public assistance housing. They qualified for a new housing situation, but they were facing homelessness if they get didn’t get their paperwork submitted on time. The new application required that they visit

several aid offices and they didn’t have any bus fare. 

Jeannie and Joe were smart. They came to THE BRIDGE to be spiritually fed, and to get the help they needed before the

application deadline. For the cost of your monthly subscription to BridgeBox, we were able to give them bus fare to meet the deadline and avoid homelessness!

Your love and giving equipped us to help Jeannie and Joe at just the right time. Thank you for making such a difference when it was needed the most.


Change lives in Chicago and get tons of cool, custom made media to fuel your walk for only $8/month. Sign up at missionusa.com/bridgebox.


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