“The word “pastor” means “to shepherd.” As you know, a shepherd makes sure that his sheep have food and water, are protected from dangerous animals and thieves, and stay close to the herd. He takes care of sheep that are sick. He leads the herd to the best place for them to be. With that in mind, it’s worth asking if you actually have a pastor – a shepherd – in your life.

If the head of your church is too busy to know your name, hear your story, and honor your request to sit down with you, then (professionally speaking) he isn’t your pastor. He may be the guy-in-charge of the church you go to, and he may be a gifted public speaker, but he isn’t your pastor. And if you’re saved, and looking to grow, you need someone further ahead of you in the faith to help shepherd you through the changes that are before you.

Understand that this person can be a mentor, a Bible study leader, or even a Christian brother or sister acting as a sponsor for your twelve step program. They don’t need to have a degree in ministry, and they don’t need to have the title of Reverend. What they do need is to be a bit farther along in their walk with the Lord than you, and to have love in their heart for you specifically.”

-from the March Bridge Box devotional

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