When the Israelites came up against the walled, fortified, heavily-armed city of Jericho, they had three options. They could run away in fear, which is what people do when they don’t bother trying to make changes at all.

They could rely on willpower, and just do a frontal assault on the city because “we want it more!!” And, of course, they would have been slaughtered.

Or they could go and ask God what he thinks. You probably know the story, but in Joshua chapter 6, The Lord gives some very surprising instructions on how he wants the invasion of Jericho to go. And the Israelites listened, and followed. And Joshua won the Battle of Jericho.

The victory wasn’t about willpower, it was about decision-making power. Choosing to seek wisdom from God and act on his instructions. Looking at it that way, victory is about how we choose to get where we’re going, as much as the destination itself.

from the March Bridge Box devotional on habitual sin

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