Be Careful What You Wish For

Anonymous asked:

Hello Bridge Guys! Recently I have been asking God to help me be a better person, little by little. But these past few days have been very negative. The more i want to be a better person, the more i realize how awful i am. It’s getting very discouraging but i still try to push on. Is it supposed to be this way? help 😦

I answered:

There is a hymn called “I Asked the Lord”, written by John Newton (who wrote “Amazing Grace”). It starts with him saying that he asked the Lord to help him grow, and he was surprised how God answered that prayer. The 3rd and 4th verses say:

“I hoped that in some favored hour,
At once He’d answer my request;
And by His love’s constraining pow’r,
Subdue my sins, and give me rest.

Instead of this, He made me feel
The hidden evils of my heart;
And let the angry pow’rs of hell
Assault my soul in every part.”

That song was written in the 18th century, so you are not alone. Pretty much everyone who has asked God to help them grow and get stronger has been a little disappointed that God didn’t just zap them with the growth ray. The way we gain patience is to be put in situations where we have to wait. We gain wisdom by being confronted with problems we don’t know how to solve and have to figure out. It’s like physical exercise. The way you get stronger is by adding resistance.

One of the things you were asking for, even if you didn’t realize it, was to have your weak points identified. One of the main ways to improve is to find out where you need improving. It is as vitally important as it is unpleasant.

The other thing to keep in mind is that having a rough patch does not mean you are not growing. People who are strong in their faith have doubts, strong people have vulnerable moments, and everybody has some tough times in figuring this walking with Jesus thing out. None of that means you aren’t on the right path.

Growing is a tough process, but that struggle is one of the ways you know you are growing. It is when you reach a point that you sit back and think “I’ve pretty much got this thing figured out, I can coast from here” that you have a massive problem.


-Matt from The Bridge

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