Tilling the Soil

Anonymous asked:

My significant other is a recovering addict and found his recovery through Jesus Christ and God. Recently, he watched Zeitgeist and said it hurt him – his faith was very shaken. He isn’t sure he believes in Jesus anymore. I’m not familiar with the film. I want to be able to ground him and re-solidify his faith in Jesus, but I’m not sure how to go about that.

I answered:

In Mark 8:1-10 Jesus tells the parable of the Sower. And then, luckily for us, in verses 11-15 He explains what it means. I think this passage has a great deal of wisdom to lend to this situation.

There are two ingredients in the different scenarios of the parable, the seed and the soil. The seed is the word that someone hears. So it is important to understand what someone has heard about Christ to make sure that it is doctrinally sound or “good seed”. The soil is the condition of the heart of the person who is hearing the message. If the soil is hard or unguarded, the seed will not fully take root.

It sounds like this conspiracy movie poisoned your man’s soil. I have not seen the film, but the wikipedia entry says that it is part of a film series that furthers a system social system thought up by a, and I quote, “self-educated futurist”. The part on Christianity was criticized by the editor of Skeptic magazine for being sloppy and poorly done. This seems to be a discernment problem on your significant other’s part.

If I had to take a guess I would say that he is scared. Recovery is a fragile thing, it is a lot of work and vigilance. It is understandable that there might be some doubts about whether you can keep that up, and those doubts can seep into everything.

I think it is important to do some weeding and tilling on the soil of the heart. Remind him that his recovery is possible, and in safe hands. Instead of answering the points made by a silly movie, it is better to look at the reality of your lives. You have experienced the living God, been changed by His spirit. If you focus on that and flood the soil with truth, it is a much more hospitable environment for that seed of faith.


-Matt from The Bridge

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