Do Not Worry, Seriously

Anonymous asked:

How can I get better about not worrying? I worry about tuition, rent, groceries, bills, debt, mainly about money matters. Worrying distracts me from my relationship with God.

I answered:

Money is probably the most common subject people struggle with worrying about, and it is almost certainly the subject that people (including Christians) tell you that you should be worrying about.  There are Christian books and Christian radio shows all about how worrying about your money is the responsible and righteous thing to do. 

Worrying, particularly about money, is based in two lies. The first is that you can have enough money that nothing bad can ever happen to you. The second is that God only takes care of you up to a point, and some of it you have to hook yourself up on.

Obviously the first isn’t true. There is no amount of money that some disaster can’t eat through quickly. Property prices drop, medical bills pile up, stocks crash. Your savings account cannot provide you security, only the illusion of security. 

The second isn’t true either. God takes care of your needs. Read Matthew 6:25-34. Jesus doesn’t leave it at “do not worry”, He gives reasons why. He talks about how God takes care of birds and flowers and how you are more important to God than those.

Worrying warps your understanding of your relationship with God. If you convince yourself that your money is the only thing standing between you and being uneducated, hungry,  and homeless, you are also implying to yourself that God isn’t looking out for you. So you have created a mindset where you and your earning power are more central to your life than God. That is ridiculous when said out loud, but it’s the dark little lie underneath.

God wants you to make smart decisions with your money, but in His wisdom, not the world’s. Worry is just wasted energy. Jesus closes the passage in Matthew 6 by asking if worrying can add a day to your life. Worrying isn’t making you happy, it isn’t gaining you wisdom, and it isn’t getting you closer to God. What does all those things is going to God to talk it out. Instead of worrying, ask God what He wants from your finances. How does He want you to earn it? Where does He want you to spend it (hint: “having fun” is part of that answer)? 

You can’t just stop doing something. You have to replace the vacuum with something. Replace worry with communication and trust, which will lead to peace, which is what you are being robbed of.


-Matt from The Bridge

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