Homosexuality is a sin, not THE sin.

Anonymous asked:

I have some friends who are self-professed Christians and are struggling with homosexuality. They’re of the opinion that homosexuality isn’t a sin and that we’ve been interpreting passages like Romans 1 incorrectly (i.e. we’ve been mistranslating the original language; homosexuality was not an existing concept at the time, and the term was referring to men sleeping with boys or a non-consensual relationship). Is homosexuality really a sin? Have I been taught wrong this whole time? Thanks!

I answered:

Around here in Chicago we have a principle that says “the opposite of a bad idea is another bad idea”, this is another case of that. 

Your friends are incorrect, homosexuality is a sin according to Romans 1, and several other places in scripture. However, they are probably reacting to Christians who seem to think that homosexuality is not just a sin, but THE sin. Other things listed in Romans 1 are: greed, strife, deceit, slander, boastfulness, and heartlessness. I don’t see any of these Christians lined up around the block to to buy a chicken sandwich in support of someone who is openly anti-greed or strife. In fact they are probably guilty of strife, malice, and several other things themselves.

Homosexuality is a sin. So is checking someone out, so is disobeying your parents, so is saying angry words to another human being. So I totally understand why people are sick of being told that the thing they struggle with somehow disqualifies them from God’s love when all those other ones don’t.

Christians who struggle with homosexuality are no different than Christians who struggle with pornography, or insecurity, or gossip, or anything else. There is no one type of sin that is in the fine print of salvation as unforgivable. No sin is beyond the love or forgiveness of Jesus.

-Matt from The Bridge

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