Unka Glen’s Day Job


From time to time, I get asked about the work that I do, that is, the work that in many ways fuels this website. As I’ve mentioned, I work with men and women behind bars, and those involved in gangs on the streets. Learning to minister to them has helped me learn to minister to all of you.

The centerpiece of our ministry is our weekly BRIDGE service, designed to connect our men and women with local churches, to help them find a church home that’s the right fit for them. Every Tuesday we bring in three world class preachers, serve food, and generally love on our people as much as possible.

When we first started doing the service, all the inmates and gang members were convinced that we wouldn’t be able to put a service like this together every week, and that we’d lose heart. So we started a campaign, every time we advertised the service we’d say: we will be meeting “every Tuesday until Jesus comes back.”

Since then we’ve had everything go wrong on a Tuesday that you can imagine. The worst winter storm in the history of Chicago hit on a Tuesday, and we were there, meeting as usual. We’ve had epileptic seizures, power outages, and I kid you not, bees swarming in the sanctuary. We even met outdoors once when we were locked out of the building we were using at the time.

Most of a decade later, we’ve never missed a Tuesday.

This year Christmas fell on a Tuesday, so you know we had to do it right, donations came flooding in, and our wives started organizing gift bags for everyone.


We had no idea how many people might show up, but we were ready with a Christmas feast featuring some of the best cooking you ever saw. As you can see, the service we hold in a little church basement was packed, and afterward we tore into that dinner, and handed out presents.


The kids even got age-appropriate gifts of their own, so nobody went home hungry or empty-handed on Christmas. One brother showed up right at the end, and said he was surprised to see us meeting even on Christmas, knowing we had given up spending it with our families. One of our regulars turned to him and said, “c’mon brother, every Tuesday ‘til Jesus comes back!”


Many of you have also generously asked about financially supporting our ministry, and it makes us so happy to hear that, because we know many of you don’t have a lot of money laying around. So this past year I asked my staff to come up with a way for you to support our ministry in a way that anyone could afford.

BridgeBox is the results of that effort. Every month we send you sermons, unpublished articles by me, your good ol’ Unka Glen, original songs (with song charts), and even Bible study materials (perfect for your small group, or for couples looking to study together). All that for $8 a month. 

I know $8 dollars a month doesn’t sound like much to donate to a ministry like this, but trust me, it makes a real difference, just 50 subscribers allows us to hire one of or men or women to work part time to help us out in the ministry. We know money is tight for you, and $8 a month is good enough for us. 

if you’re interested in all that, follow the link below, but make no mistake, this blog will always be free, as our Say That podcast will be. And because I’m the boss, I’m sure I’ll be able to sneak a few of those BridgeBox files out, and post them here or there. Thanks for reading the blog, and for your prayers and encouragement. You’ve made a real difference in my ministry life.



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