Is Church Important?

Anonymous asked:

Is Church important? I mean do I have to go to church every week?

I answered:

I don’t know if you can say church is important. Fellowship with other believers is important, worship is important, being instructed in God’s word is important, opportunities to serve are important, supporting outreach is important, and church is (or at least, should be) the best place to get all of those things. 

The most important thing about church, by far, is that is is full of other people who love Jesus. That should make it a place to get encouraged, to give and get support, to grow with others, to laugh, to be with people who get what you are going through. So if there is a place that offers all of that, wouldn’t that feel like a privilege instead of a chore? From your question it sounds like you don’t feel that way, so there is a disconnect somewhere.

If I had to guess at that disconnect, I would guess that it might just have something to do with the fact that a lot of churches suck. I’m not saying that your’s does, just saying that plenty of them do. If you are talking about a place where everyone is pretending to be perfect, gossiping about who’s not perfect, and you have to listen to a 45 minute bible lecture that has nothing to do with your life, then I understand the idea of “having” to go to church.

So you can try finding a better church. Church shopping is always kind of a bummer. There is uncertainty, it takes effort and dealing with strangers, but the pay off could be a church you love, which is well worth it. Another way to go is to find a way to plug in more at your current church. That could be teaching kid’s sunday school, or helping out with technical stuff for worship, or whatever interests you. There is a church out there that has a place for you and a use for your gifts.

There are some Sundays where it is cold and your tired and excitement for church isn’t going to happen. But, if you feel like it is a chore to be checked off week in and week out, that is a sign that something about your church life needs to change. Churches exist to meet the spiritual needs of its people, and if that isn’t happening, it is important that something changes until it does.

-Matt from The Bridge

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