Christ-Centered Relationship

Anonymous asked:

i feel like i need some help to steer my relationship in a godly direction, do you have any tips for me? we began dating before i came to know and accept the Lord (but i have now). He has grown up knowing Jesus. now how can i actively involve and openly centre Jesus in our relationship when it didn’t start out that way. how can we spend time altogether, the three of us? and how can we grow closer together in Christ and share our walk?

I answered:

I think you already have a really good idea of what the goal of a Christ-centered relationship is, and that is a huge leg up. 

Think of your relationship as a pyramid. You are on one of the bottom corners, your boyfriend is the other, and Jesus is at the top. So the way for you and your boyfriend to get closer to each other is to get closer to the Lord. And hopefully, getting closer to each other will bring you closer to God.

Relationships are about communicating, and what you communicate about tells you what the relationship is all about. If all you communicate about is sex, or drama, or anger, then that is what is driving your relationship. So, if you want a relationship that is about God, that is what you should be talking about. There are very practical ways to do that. 

You can read the same devotional or book and discuss it as you go through it. Go to the same small group or sunday school class and have some follow up conversations. The simplest way is to work questions like “what is the Lord teaching you lately” into normal “how was your day?” conversations. 

The most important thing you can do is to maintain your walk with the Lord. That will be best for your dating relationship, best for your boyfriend and best for you. Pursue the Lord and communicate openly with your boyfriend and you will be on the right track.

-Matt from The Bridge

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