How Do I Find My Purpose?

Anonymous asked:

I feel so lost. I’m yet to figure out what I want to do with my life. Don’t really know what my purpose is. I wish there could be a bright light that could just give me divine direction & show me God’s will & purpose for my life. 

How does one figure this kind of stuff out?

I answered:

Here’s what I did: decide to go to YoungLife camp at the last minute and get saved there. Get involved in YoungLife, get plugged in with a church through that. Years later go on a short term summer mission trip with that church to Chicago. Plan a similar mission trip in the winter, even though it is a bad idea, partly because you have a massive crush on one of the girls going. Meet the bosses, get invited to speak and then get offered a job because they had someone else fall through. 

I don’t, however, think that is going to be repeatable. No one has the blueprint, because your story is your’s and the God is preparing you for your purpose. Nobody else’s path will work for you. There are some general principle that tend to apply.

Try a bunch of stuff. Not everything you try will turn out to be your calling, and that is fine. You can learn a lot volunteering with kids, even if you aren’t going to be a youth pastor. You may not work with homeless people all your life, but volunteering at a shelter might be where you meet someone who does exactly what you want to do.

Have someone to bounce things off of, a pastor or a mentor. It is important to have an outside opinion on your strengths and weaknesses. A mature person who cares about you will see things in you that you can’t see in yourself. I know so many people who were spurred on by a mentor who knew they could do something big, even though they didn’t totally buy that about themselves at the time.

If God gave you a vision of your purpose and calling, you probably wouldn’t believe it. There is some molding and building, and maybe breaking, to be down. God has a purpose for you, even when you can’t believe that, and it is fitting of the incomprehensible bigness of the love of God.

-Matt from The Bridge

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