God’s Favor

joojeus asked:

What is favor? The Bible has many instances of characters finding favor with God wherever they are, allowing them to succeed amongst men. Does that mean if I don’t experience success, God’s favour is not upon me? Is God’s favour something given separately from salvation and the Holy Spirit?

I answered:

Several times in the Old Testament people implored God to put his favor on them. Sometimes on endeavors and sometimes on their lives as a whole. That word that is translated as “favor” is in other places translated as “grace”. Grace is the building block of our relationship with Jesus, so we should look at favor through that lens.

The most common definition of grace is “the unmerited favor of God”. God’s favor is already on our lives, because once you believe in Jesus, your life is His.

There is often an undertone of fear when people ask about whether or not success is an indication of God’s favor, or blessing,etc. Which makes sense, because we human beings screw up at a lot of stuff. 

One of the aspect of God’s grace is that He has a plan and a purpose for your life. Not because you figured it out and did everything right and beat out the competition, that would all be merit. God’s grace is unmerited. God has tailored something to who you are. There will be hard work and risk involved, no doubt about it. But it is not a situation where God has this thing He wants you to do, but you mess it up by not having the prerequisites.

Purpose in the Christian life is not a scavenger hunt where you want the shortest path to what you are after. It is a journey. You will learn lessons doing those things that didn’t succeed, and they will be invaluable later on when you find something big.

Calling is also not a situation where everybody gets one and if you miss the signs, you are out of luck. Our purpose is our relationship with God, and that will take you places you never would have dreamed.

-Matt from The Bridge

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