What is Our Relationship with God?

Anonymous asked:

What is our relationship with God? His child? There’s also verses that says servant and slave and I’m a bit fuddled as to what this relationship is like?

I answered:

Our relationship with God is different from any other relationship we have. That is why it is described so many different ways. Each of those descriptions is an aspect of our relationship to God, but no one can sum it up.

God is our creator (Psalm 139:13): God made you on purpose. He knows every aspect of you, and how it all relates. Nothing about you shocks Him, and He is proud of His handiwork.

God is our Father (Romans 8:16): A lot of people have been let down by their earthly father, so they have trouble with this one. God is the perfect father. God looks after us, raises us up and instructs us in His ways. And He loves us with perfect fatherly loves. He does not love us because of achievement or obedience, but because we are His.

God is our owner (Romans 6:22) and our King (Psalm 29:10): God has the right to tell us what to do. Because, like a King, He rules over the place we live; and because, like an owner, he paid the price for us. These are uncomfortable roles for some people, but God is omnipotent and loves us, so Him telling us what to do is a good thing.

God is our savior (Jude 1:25): God rescued us. He did so for a purpose, God wants you to have a full life because He gave that life to you.

There are more: we are God’s crop, His treasure, and more.

Here are the commonalities in all these analogies: God loves you, He has a plan for you, He isn’t giving up on you, you are important to Him.

-Matt from The Bridge

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